Hiring Managers

Hiring Managers

How It Works

With many years of experience in matching talented new college graduates with great companies hiring at the entry-level, GradStaff has developed a proven process focused on long-term retention. In fact, when our process is used as designed, 85 percent or more of GradStaff candidates are hired after the trial period. And, follow-up client studies show that about 90 percent of those are retained two or more years after placement.

Our Process

Our focus is on finding you the best match for each position, taking into account the transferable skills required in the position, as well as your culture and work environment. Entry-level turnover can be an expensive, frustrating challenge and our model has been designed so both hiring managers and placed candidates believe that the match is a good one. Here’s how the GradStaff program works:

  1. GradStaff performs a thorough job analysis with you. In short, we get to know your company and its current hiring needs. For each position, we listen and learn about job duties and responsibilities, identify behavioral-based transferable skills required for success in the position and encourage you to tell us more about your company’s culture, work environment, and career paths offered in your organization.
  2. GradStaff selects potential candidates for your position. Upon receiving a position to fill, we assess our pool of available candidates and select a small number to contact. We then ask each to research your industry, your company and the specific position, then respond with the reasons why they are interested in pursuing the entry-level job.
  3. We present the best candidates for your position and schedule interviews. You conduct your own in-person interview with these candidates before making your final decision. Because candidates have done their research and shown strong interest in your company and position, your interview should be fast-paced and meaningful.
  4. You select the candidate and GradStaff starts the hiring process. With Evaluation-To-Hire and Project Staffing positions, we hire the candidate and assign them to you where they work under your direction. For direct hire and CollegeDirect positions, we will work with you to help make your hiring process go as smoothly as possible.

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An essential part in our staffing efforts in the last year. [Our account manager] has taken the time to get to know our business culture, and as a result, she truly understands the types of candidates that will thrive in our environment. I would highly recommend working with her for your next staffing endeavor.

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