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Hiring Managers

What We Do For Hiring Managers

It’s simple: We do the legwork so you don’t have to. GradStaff exclusively focuses on helping companies hire for entry-level positions – efficiently and successfully. We have built one college recruiting program on behalf of all of our clients, which encompasses more than 900 colleges across the country. In addition, GradStaff has an aggressive online recruiting strategy, all targeted at the Millennial demographic. We screen and interview hundreds of recent college graduates every week using a process based on behavioral science research at the University of Minnesota to discover candidates’ strengths and transferrable skills. Our goal is to streamline the hiring process and present you with two to three candidates who are ideally suited for each entry-level position.

Entry-level Hiring Options

GradStaff’s hiring model typically operates in the following ways:

  1. Evaluation-to-Hire™

Our Evaluation-to-Hire model is our most popular hiring option. Using this approach, once you select a new grad to fill a position through GradStaff, the candidate is hired by GradStaff and assigned to the client for a trial period that lasts about 4 months. The trial period allows you to see the candidate perform on the job before making your final hiring decision. After the trial period, you may hire the candidate at no additional obligation to GradStaff. The Evaluation-to-Hire model significantly reduces the risk of making a poor hiring decision, which can be extremely costly to your company. When our program is used as designed, 85 percent or more of GradStaff candidates are hired after this period.

  1. Short-Term/Project Staffing

Short-term or project-based positions can last anywhere from a few weeks to many months and are not intended to result in a long-term offer. Whether covering a leave of absence or helping with a major project, you’ll find that our candidates are excited about the opportunity to gain relevant work experience and bring a positive attitude to work every day. Importantly, even though these positions are not intended to result in a permanent hire, over 50 percent do, which underscores the quality of the candidates we place.

  1. Direct Hire

While the vast majority of the positions we fill are done so using either the Evaluation-To-Hire or Project Staffing approach, some clients prefer using a direct hire model. We can provide this service, as well, and use contingency model.

  1. CollegeDirect®

CollegeDirect® is focused on recruiting graduating seniors during their senior year for positions that start immediately after graduation. This service is ideally suited for hiring companies that will be making multiple hires to start group training classes. GradStaff has a dedicated team of recruiting staff focused on beginning the recruiting process in the fall or spring of each year.

How It Works

Find out how GradStaff gets to know your company’s culture and hiring needs, then thoroughly screens candidates to find the best match for your situation.

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As a small company with 230 employees, recruiting is only one of my areas of responsibility so recruiting at multiple colleges can be difficult. GradStaff has been a wonderful resource inasmuch as they are able to bring me candidates from multiple colleges.

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