Success Stories

At GradStaff, we enjoy partnering with hiring managers to find the best match for entry-level positions. Our exclusive focus on entry-level hiring means that we know the unique challenges – and benefits – of hiring recent college graduates. We want you to be happy with your entry-level hiring decision for years to come. When our program is used as designed, 85 percent or more of GradStaff candidates are hired after the Evaluation-To-Hire trial period.

Learn what our clients have to say about working with GradStaff and the high quality of our candidates.

Thanks again for another successful Evaluation-To-Hire candidate!

Vice President of HR, Wholesale Broker from

After a new hire joins us, GradStaff routinely checks in and ensures the new hire is doing well. The GradStaff model works very well and has exceeded my expectations at every venture.

Manager, Property/Casualty Insurer from Minneapolis/St. Paul

An essential part in our staffing efforts in the last year. [Our account manager] has taken the time to get to know our business culture, and as a result, she truly understands the types of candidates that will thrive in our environment. I would highly recommend working with her for your next staffing endeavor.

HR Administrator, Banking from Minneapolis/St. Paul

I very much value the time GradStaff takes to get to know our company culture. The candidates presented have already been thoroughly pre-screened and I am routinely able to achieve a strong hiring ratio.

Manager, Property/Casualty Insurer from Minneapolis/St. Paul

I was very impressed with the quality of candidates they presented to us. Their screening process is excellent.

President - Broker from Philadelphia

[Our new hire] continues to impress us. We are so happy with this hire, I can’t even tell you! Thank you for finding her for us!

HR Manager - IT Service Provider from Los Angeles

As a small company with 230 employees, recruiting is only one of my areas of responsibility so recruiting at multiple colleges can be difficult. GradStaff has been a wonderful resource inasmuch as they are able to bring me candidates from multiple colleges.

Manager, Property/Casualty Insurer from Minneapolis/St. Paul

Filling these positions was fast and easy. In fact, these positions were filled in 67% less time than our average opening. The GradStaff program has worked very well for us.

HR Manager -Broker from Philadelphia

You are the best service I've used to date. Thank you for working with me and please know you'll be my go-to for any future candidates.

Client Services Manager, Property/Casualty Adjuster from Atlanta

We have been using GradStaff for our entry-level needs for over twelve years now. The quality of service we receive from GradStaff is very high and they do an excellent job of pre-screening candidates to be sure they are a good fit for our organization. I highly recommend GradStaff as a premier staffing service that saves us money by saving us time through providing high quality staffing. We have many former GradStaff employees that have become part of our regular staff with highly successful results.

Director - Non-Profit from Minneapolis/St. Paul