I can't thank you enough for all the help and support you provided me throughout my job search. I definitely feel like I'm moving into the professional world confident and prepared and you and the rest of the team at GradStaff made that possible. Thanks so much for everything.

L.D. from Minneapolis/St. Paul

GradStaff has been extremely helpful for me and I will certainly be recommending your services to any friends that need help in their career search. Thank you again!

N.P. from Minneapolis/St. Paul

I really think that GradStaff is a great program and company. I would suggest GradStaff to anyone in search of a job.

M.H. from Minneapolis/St. Paul

GradStaff gave me the opportunity. I don’t think I would have gotten it anywhere else.

L.B. from Philadelphia

It took...only two weeks to find an open position [my account manager] thought I would excel at, interview, and accept an offer! I recommend anyone that is in the process of searching for a career to seek out GradStaff.

K.P. from Minneapolis/St. Paul

It has been such a great and valuable experience and you have made the process feel so seamless.

B.N. from Phoenix

My experience with GradStaff has been, in a word, exceptional! Before getting involved with GradStaff, I admittedly was pretty skeptical. I felt as if I had already possessed the skills and experiences necessary to be a desirable applicant...however, I began to realize that I had not yet developed one of the most crucial professional aptitudes - how to market myself. As GradStaff began scheduling placement interviews, I felt as if the schedulers were truly invested in finding a good fit for me.

C.M. from Minneapolis/St. Paul

I can now see how Gradstaff is one of the best in the business. I will be sure to recommend Gradstaff to any future prospects in the job market.

J.W. from Minneapolis/St. Paul

My experience with GradStaff was great from the first interview. The often difficult and stressful experience of starting on a career path was made easier by the support I was given from you. If all companies could run as efficiently as yours then the world would be much easier to navigate. Thank you again for always being so friendly and open.

H. from Minneapolis/St. Paul

Whether it was interview advice or moral support, I always felt [Account Manager] was cheering me on. The confidence boost was immensely helpful and what ultimately led me to getting a job.

J.G. from St. Louis