Still In School?

GradStaff primarily works with recent college graduates or those who will graduate within the next six months. If that’s you, find out how the application process works and apply online.

Students studyingIf you’re early in your college career or are just beginning your senior year, kudos on planning ahead and thinking about your post-graduation plans. You’re already ahead of most of your peers. While it may be too early for you to apply to GradStaff for specific positions, we encourage you to Join Our Network and keep in touch in the meantime by visiting our blog. By joining our network we will share tips and training on several aspects of the job search that you may find valuable.

There are several other things you can do to continue preparing for your job search:

  • Stay up to date with latest job search advice and hiring trends by subscribing to GradStaff’s blog.
  • Build a well-rounded resume. GradStaff – and most hiring managers at any company – evaluate entry-level candidates on a number of factors, including academic performance, extracurricular activities, internship or work experience, technology skills and leadership experience. Now is the time to build depth in those areas. You’ll graduate with a stellar resume, not to mention a set of skills learned from real-life experiences to bring to your first full-time job.
  • Start networking. Stay in touch with managers and co-workers from internships and part-time jobs, past professors, older classmates who have graduated and are entering the workforce, and so on. Also start looking into your college’s alumni network and career services offerings.
  • Clean up your online presence. Prospective employers can and will look up candidates online, and you don’t want an unprofessional online presence to prevent you from getting an interview. Identify which social media platforms can be made private, and start deleting posts or photos that would be considered unprofessional.