College Grads

College Grads

Helping A New Grad?

Whether you’re a parent of a new grad or you’re a college career services counselor helping the next wave of graduating seniors, you’re an important factor in helping grads start their career path. We often hear from parents and career services counselors who are eager to help graduating college seniors, and we can provide a unique outside perspective on the challenges that new college grads face during a job search. Here are our best tips on how you can help the recent grad in your life.


Grad and Parent

Most parents struggle with how they should assist in the job search process. On one hand, you want to do everything you can to help your child find a full-time job (and the sooner, the better). On the other hand, you know that your son or daughter may reject your help if you try to be too involved. Here’s how you can strike a good balance:

  • First, realize that your son or daughter needs to find a job on his or her own. If you find yourself writing cover letters or personally contacting hiring managers, it’s time to take a step back. Not only is this type of behavior off-putting to hiring companies, it also doesn’t help your son or daughter be a successful employee in the long run.
  • New grads are often reluctant to take their parents’ advice, especially if you promote a specific job or career. They may think your advice is outdated (and, frankly, they might be right if your last job search is a distant memory), or they may feel like they’re being pressured to take any job that will get them out from under your roof ASAP.
  • The best way you can help your child at this stage is to provide:
    • Encouragement – a job search can be a marathon, with lots of hurdles and disappointments along the way. Be supportive of their efforts and encourage them to continue applying, networking and refining their job search strategy.
    • Connections to trusted resources – a strong network and knowing where to find trusted information are important components in any job search. Offer to introduce your child to your connections that are willing to meet with them for coffee or an informational interview. Likewise, point your son or daughter to resources to help them with their job search, such as GradStaff and their college career services department.
  • Most new college grads need assistance in identifying their transferrable skills and where they fit in the workforce, especially if they have a liberal arts or general business degree and no defined career path in their area of study. A major component of the GradStaff program is helping recent grads identify their transferrable skills and strengths, then matching them with open positions that are a great fit for those skills. Plus, GradStaff’s services are always free to the job seeker. Encourage your son or daughter to apply with GradStaff to learn more.

College Career Services Professionals

If you work in a college career services department, you’re on the frontlines of the entry-level job search battle. You likely already know that in 2014, only 17 percent of graduating seniors had a job at graduation – in other words, more than four out of five grads leave school without a job. Unfortunately, once they graduate and leave campus, your ability to influence their job search decreases significantly.

Furthermore, our research shows that about 43 percent of new grads visited career services “never” or “rarely” during their college years; another 37 percent said “sometimes.” This leaves only 20 percent who said “very often.” While those stats are frustrating, the reality is that many students push off their job search until after graduation.

You can help your graduating seniors and recent college grads get the advice they need and extend your reach by connecting them with GradStaff. We help recent grads identify their transferrable skills and career interests, as well as careers that might be a fit for them. Additionally, we provide information on where the jobs are, including industries and companies that are currently hiring at the entry level.

GradStaff is a free service for job seekers and can be a powerful tool in your arsenal of job search strategies and advice for graduating seniors. College seniors nearing graduation and recent grads can apply to GradStaff online.

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GradStaff helps recent college graduates identify their transferrable skills (critical thinking, time management, leadership, etc.) and potential career fits, hone their interview skills and match them with entry-level job openings.

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GradStaff offers a proven approach to help new college graduates begin their careers. Find out how the GradStaff application process works, from submitting a resume to interviewing with GradStaff and getting feedback on your job search strategy.

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