GradStaff knows entry-level hiring

Founded in 1998, GradStaff has unmatched knowledge of the entry-level professional job market. We are the only national firm that focuses exclusively on helping companies recruit and hire college graduates for entry-level professional positions. With nine regional offices and relationships with more than 900 colleges across the country, GradStaff has helped hiring companies fill positions in more than 90 cities in the U.S.


Making the Entry-level Hiring Market More Efficient

Based on extensive research in the entry-level job market, we know that entry-level hiring is typically highly inefficient and fraught with high turnover – and that’s an expensive problem for companies. Most companies find on-campus college grad recruiting costly and difficult. Further, attracting quality candidates through referrals, job postings and other methods is often unreliable.

At the same time, recent college grads typically don’t know where they fit in the workforce – in fact, about two-thirds of grads who apply through GradStaff say they don’t know where their degrees and skills should be applied.

GradStaff solves this challenge by acting as a career matchmaker, bringing together great employers with top-notch candidates for entry-level positions. Using a behavioral science-based skill-matching technique, we offer an extremely successful model for pairing job seekers and employers. When our highly popular Evaluation-To-Hire model is used as designed, more than 85 percent of candidates are hired after the trial period, and in follow-up client studies, more than 90 percent of those are still with the company two years after placement.