Why Choose GradStaff?

GradStaff serves as a career matchmaker, helping companies find the ideal fit for open entry-level positions, while also helping recent college graduates discover how their transferrable skills and abilities translate into the workforce. What makes us different from a staffing agency or recruiter?

College Grads

  • Focus on entry-level hiring
    • We exclusively fill entry-level positions – a unique specialty based on years of working with hiring managers and recent graduates.
  • Proven matching process
    • Our method of pairing talented grads with great positions is based on a proprietary skills-matching technique. Which of our open positions need your unique skills and abilities?

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Hiring Managers

  • Generational expertise
    • We have helped many companies prepare for the loss of Baby Boomers to retirement and successfully integrate Millennials into their workforces.
  • Success rate
    • Many client companies report long-term retention of 80 percent or higher two or more years after candidate placement. Preventing high turnover among entry-level positions can be a significant cost-saver for companies.

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